Psychological Media Consulting

Mental health has a long history of being stigmatized, which unfortunately increases the likelihood that people do not seek out services. With television and film being one of the major vessels from which people receive information, it is at the forefront of influencing the de-stigmatization of mental health. As such, it is so important that what is seen are accurate and informed depictions of the variety of experiences that people coping with mental health issues face. As an expert in mental health, I will be your go to reference throughout your production to ensure an authentic reflection of mental health, mental health diagnoses and treatment in your content. I will assist in various aspects of production to support actors, writers and directors with characters, plot, and script development.


Assist Actors to:

• Analyze scripts/Role preparation 

• Understand subtext and character objectives and motives

• Psychoeducation (mental health disorders and psychological issues)

• Create authenticity in character


Assist Writers to:

• Develop stories, characters, and unconscious motivation 

• Provide psychological perspective 

• Character work: struggles, trauma, situations, consistent traits

• Moving characters from A to Z

• Understand how characters respond to trauma, loss, history and challenges 


Assist Directors to:

• Insight for films or episodes with complex psychological states 

• Giving character direction 

• Visualize how a psychological disorder unfolds over time

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